• "This was a slick and highly professional process, where Bertoli Mitchell excelled. "

    Professor Alex Anstey, British Association of Dermatologists
  • "Bertoli Mitchell's track record in and knowledge of the UK publishing industry were invaluable to us. Throughout the transaction, their commitment to a successful outcome was total. At every stage of the process, the quality of their advice – imbued with their specialist knowledge of the sector – was instrumental in ensuring such an outcome. I am truly delighted that we chose to be represented by them."

    David Cohen, Chairman of Pion at the time of sale to SAGE
  • "Bertoli Mitchell provided us with strategic, commercial and practical advice throughout the entire process. It's inconceivable that the transaction could have progressed as smoothly or as quickly without their constant support; their wealth of experience of the process provided reassurance at difficult times, and the knowledge that negotiations were concluded as favourably as possible."

    Jonathan Harris, Founder of Learning Matters
  • "It is impossible to count the number of times during this process when we've said 'we're so glad to have Bertoli Mitchell beside us'. They've been tirelessly professional and calm, and always ready with the right advice. The proof is that they got us the best possible deal. I can't think of anyone in the industry with their nous, experience and cool nerve."

    Richard Hart, Founder of Hart Publishing
  • "Bertoli Mitchell combine authority, professionalism and profound experience, whilst at the same time handling all matters with a comforting charm and a reassuring lightness of touch. A quite remarkable team who achieved not only a wonderful sale deal for Absolute Press, but who also managed quite miraculously to make the whole experience a real pleasure. I wouldn't, at the outset of the process, have expected it to be fun – but it was!"

    Jon Croft, Founder of Absolute Press