Contract Reviews

The Business Issue

Faced with a substantial loss of funding in a short timeframe, our client (a substantial not-for-profit organsation) turned to us for advice on the risks of terminating a number of its outsourced publishing contracts.


  • Detailed review of the historic financial performance and projections relating to each outsourced contract
  • Assessment of both true costs and future lost income
  • Legal review of the contract terms
  • Identification of counterparty risks
  • Detailed identification and quantification of potential claims against our client for early termination: both claims from counterparties and all other third parties touched by the relevant contracts


Bertoli Mitchell provided robust and practical decision tools for our client on time and at a fixed cost.  The organisation has returned to us with further assignments relating to its publishing interests, most recently in the second half of 2014.

Client name not given for reasons of confidentiality.



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