Publishing Partnerships Strategy Advice

The Business Issue

As the world changes at speed, our client must continually evolve its services including its publishing outputs to meet its members' needs.  Our client has a complex web of outsourced and in-house arrangements relating to its newsletters, magazine, research, events and other communications outputs.


Bertoli Mitchell's immediate role was, in partnership with our client and communication with stakeholders, to: build a detailed map of all current publishing activity; identify potential as yet unexploited opportunities; assess the strategic options available bearing in mind the corporate goals of our client, its financial objectives and its world-leading brand; provide valuation opinions; and identify potential partners.


Bertoli Mitchell helped our client to shape and implement a tender process that delivered a wide range of bids from some of the world’s leading publishers as well as smaller UK-based publishers. Our client has maintained and enhanced its ownership of all relevant publishing intellectual property rights. A new publishing unit has been created and licensing agreements are in place with some of the world’s leading publishers.   We have since worked with our client with our client on a number of other assignments.

Client name not given for reasons of confidentiality.



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