• "Thank you for all your hard work and for the interest that you showed in my business. You looked after me very well throughout the entire process. It was always a pleasure to talk to any member of the Bertoli Mitchell team."

    Andrew Brodie, Founder of Andrew Brodie Publications
  • "It is impossible to count the number of times during this process when we've said 'we're so glad to have Bertoli Mitchell beside us'. They've been tirelessly professional and calm, and always ready with the right advice. The proof is that they got us the best possible deal. I can't think of anyone in the industry with their nous, experience and cool nerve."

    Richard Hart, Founder of Hart Publishing
  • "We could not possibly have gone through the sale of our business without the guidance and help of everyone at Bertoli Mitchell. Since the sale we have recommended your services to many colleagues in the trade and we know that they will be in very good hands when the day comes for them to make a decision about their business or part of it. Any professional can give advice but the difference between professionals is evident in the manner in which advice is given. Our experience with Bertoli Mitchell was positive in every respect – friendly, super-efficient, solicitous, discreet, and when necessary, encouraging."

    Geoffrey Smith, Founder of Windrush Press
  • "Selling a publishing business has many dangers and should never be done alone. You will not find a better guide to a successful sale than Bertoli Mitchell. Shrewd, sympathetic, realistic, committed and extremely hard-working, they combine unrivalled expertise with a willingness to take a warm personal interest. They achieved an exceptional price for my company by their professionalism and flair. Any publisher thinking of selling would be mad not to engage them."

    Martin Sheppard, Founder of Hambledon & London
  • "Bertoli Mitchell's expertise and wise counsel throughout the [ICAEW tender] process were (and continue to be) highly valued both in helping us to reach agreement with Progressive and in the development of a publishing strategy for the benefit of our members and fit for the digital future."

    Robin Fieth, Executive Director, ICAEW
  • "Our association with Bertoli Mitchell goes back many years, and in that time we have been consistently impressed by your understanding of, and commitment to, our business. In the eventual sale of the company, your skill in presenting Pendragon Professional Information Limited and its financial performance, and thereafter your tenacity and expertise in complex negotiations were second to none. We have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering a sale of a publishing business."

    Simon Freeman, Joint Managing Director, Pendragon Professional Information
  • "Bertoli Mitchell did a tremendous job in selling our business. Without their contacts and judgement we could not have achieved such a successful result, and we equally appreciated the calm and assured way in which they led us through all the different and often challenging aspects of the process."

    Jill Pearce, Founder of Donhead Publishing
  • "Bertoli Mitchell were fantastic. They very quickly grasped our aims and concerns, took command of the process from start to finish, and at every stage gave us confidence that we were in good hands. The team we worked with were formidably professional, but also very approachable – always on hand to offer advice on smaller matters, as well as keeping us on track for the bigger picture. We could not have found a better company to work with on this, and were delighted with the outcome they helped us to secure."

    Jean Sykes, Chief Information Officer, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • "Bertoli Mitchell provided us with strategic, commercial and practical advice throughout the entire process. It's inconceivable that the transaction could have progressed as smoothly or as quickly without their constant support; their wealth of experience of the process provided reassurance at difficult times, and the knowledge that negotiations were concluded as favourably as possible."

    Jonathan Harris, Founder of Learning Matters
  • "I hear that selling a business is, for many proprietors, a very stressful process, fraught with perils. I am very pleased to say that this was not true in our case. This is because we had Bertoli Mitchell advising us. They were capable, helpful and unflappable and worked exceedingly hard to see the deal through to completion. This involved negotiating a structure for a group of companies that included both a mature, 'traditional' books business and an online database business, still in an investment phase, for a diverse group of shareholders. The end result was an exceptionally positive outcome for all concerned. I recommend them without reservation."

    Kathryn Earle, Managing Director, Berg Publishers
  • "I would like to thank you for all the work you have done, which allowed us to achieve the successful sale and future partnership with Reed Elsevier. For CIMA, from a strategic and financial perspective, this has proved a very satisfactory deal."

    Charles Tilley, Chief Executive, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
  • "One feels the benefit of your kind attention in easing the exit strategy in both finding a good selection of prospective purchasers and acting as an intermediary with the best one. I feel we have made the right choice and I hope they feel the same. It would not have been possible without your efforts and care."

    John Goldsworth, Founder of Gostick Hall Publications
  • "Bertoli Mitchell's track record in and knowledge of the UK scholarly and professional publishing industry were invaluable to us. Throughout the transaction, their commitment to a successful outcome was total. At every stage of the process, the quality of their advice – imbued with their specialist knowledge of the sector – was instrumental in ensuring such an outcome. I am truly delighted that we chose to be represented by them."

    David Cohen, Chairman of Pion at the time of sale to SAGE
  • "I'm delighted that the Acumen list and its authors have found such a good home with one of the world’s leading humanities publishers. That Taylor & Francis wanted to acquire us reflects the quality of our publishing, that they were able to do so is down to Bertoli Mitchell."

    Steven Gerrard, Founder of Acumen Publishing
  • "Bertoli Mitchell combine authority, professionalism and profound experience, whilst at the same time handling all matters with a comforting charm and a reassuring lightness of touch. A quite remarkable team who achieved not only a wonderful sale deal for Absolute Press, but who also managed quite miraculously to make the whole experience a real pleasure. I wouldn't, at the outset of the process, have expected it to be fun – but it was!"

    Jon Croft, Founder of Absolute Press
  • "We imagined it would be easy selling our book publishing business. However, we were very quickly out of our depth. Serendipitously, our cry for help was heard by Bertoli Mitchell. In no time they had made order out of chaos and found the most wonderful home for our books and authors, with the reward of a tremendous pot of money at the end for ourselves. At every tortuous twist and turn they were there, advising, guiding and protecting. Do not hesitate for a second before approaching Bertoli Mitchell. You will be as bowled over as we were ourselves, by their sheer professionalism, cleverness, discretion, knowledge, network of contacts and warmth."

    Ian Miller, Founder of The CW Daniel Company
  • "From the very first conversation we had with Bertoli Mitchell we were immediately reassured by their thoroughness and understanding of what was needed. At every stage of the negotiating process they were superb, combining great acuity with humanity. We cannot recommend them highly enough: as individuals and as a team they were great to work with. We are very happy with the outcome. Thanks, Bertoli Mitchell."

    Prof Bridget Bennett, Chair Publications Sub-Committee, British Association for American Studies
  • "Bertoli Mitchell very successfully handled and guided the sale of Hudson's Historic Houses & Gardens, from preparation of information, through identification of potential purchasers, and negotiation with interested parties, to agreement on price, and thereafter provided a steady influence along the road to completion."

    Norman Hudson, OBE, Founder of Hudson's Historic Houses & Gardens
  • "I can safely say that the sale of our journals programme to Cambridge University Press would not have been possible without your guidance, support and knowledge. I shall have no hesitation in recommending the services of Bertoli Mitchell to other publishers."

    Andrea Powell, Chief Information Officer, CAB International
  • "Bertoli Mitchell make a formidable team. We greatly appreciated being represented by people who combine immense professionalism and knowledge of the process with warmth and a personal style that gave us total confidence. Everything from the initial consultation, the preparation of the Information Memorandum, contacting potential buyers through to the negotiations and conclusion of the sale was done to the highest standards. Their advice was always clear, sound and helpful. They were tireless in pursuing our best interests, which we feel they maintained at the forefront throughout."

    Phill and Sally Featherstone, Founders of Featherstone Education